No Way


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Thanks for checking out our explosive new single 'No Way'! Official Music Video out now on No Juliet's Youtube channel.

Writing this song was an interesting and uneasy trip down memory lane for me. I have had many toxic habits in my younger years, some worse than others. One of my worst habits, by far, being my attraction to women whom I thought I could bring up. Or women whom I thought I could "change" or would change for me. All along, throughout my journey, I only was seeking to fix myself, and hoping to find someone who shared the desire to heal and overcome with me. Problem with that logic is people rarely change... and when they do change it's on their own time and normally has nothing to do with anyone else. Many of the hundreds of songs I have written has been a direct result from the trauma I've experienced in my life. To see this project come together in it's own time was amazing and much needed for me and many of my fans. So sit back, crank up the volume, and enjoy the official music video for 'No Way'! Stay tuned!  

'No Way' Musical Credits: Vocals: Matthew Davis Background Vocals: Eric Castiglia Written by: Matthew Davis Musical Producer: KRSTW Recording Engineer: Matthew Davis Mixing Engineer: Skidd Mills Mastering Engineer: Brad Blackwood