About Us

Hailing originally from Los Angeles, No Juliet is an up and coming rock artist with an undeniable talent for writing profound lyrics with a unique grit, that is both brutally honest and surprisingly refreshing. His aggressive delivery style was derived from growing up listening to artist that range from AC-DC to Eminem and you can hear those influences in his music. Greatly influenced by hardship and real life, No Juliet draws inspiration for his music from personal experiences and traumas, allowing him to evoke strong emotions in his listeners. He has overcome addiction and has made it through recent near death experiences. He continues to win his battle with depression, immensely influencing No Juliet's dichotomous yet heartfelt lyrics. His debut single 'My Own' showcases the artist's unique delivery style and high aptitude writing. With every obstacle life has thrown his way, No Juliet only seeks to become stronger and better than who he was yesterday. Armed with big dreams and determination, this one man powerhouse seeks to positively influence those in pain and inspire those looking for a reason to live again with his music and custom clothing line. From near death to never more alive... from the fire comes new life.